Key Ideas

just so you know where NetCells is coming from - the text below was written about year 2005 !
  • your future and the world's future depends on how we all engage with Information Technology. IT is unlike previous technologies - no good comparing it to a car. it is far more powerful, far more dangerous. use IT or be used by IT.
  • if you insist on comparing IT to a car then what matters is not its shape, colour or size but where you are heading. and, even more so, who is driving.
  • IT is very complex, it moves on fast, you have to limit it to what you can deal with, to what you really need. the alternative is losing purpose, losing time, losing money, losing control...
  • ultimately, the only software right for you is the software made for you. that is perfectly realisable, to a great extent - you should try and define what you want and ask for it. that is the intelligent use of IT.
  • to use IT you need to understand what you are doing, there is no way to bypass that. to understand you need to study, or you need help, this help will not come from people who sell you things, it can only come from users - people like you.
  • we help and support Users and we are the Users. we are small enough and big enough to give you true, extensive, valuable, ongoing support, in return for your support.
  • if you want help you must: first - accept that you need it, second - open your mind to learning something, third - communicate.
  • the most valuable product is your own Internet identity. but, nobody can sell it to you. only you can construct it over time... the key word is - over time - by formulating ideas, accumulating data, developing functionality... our mission is to accompany you on such path...
  • become a User