"he that will not apply new remedies must expect new evils, for time is the greatest innovator"
Francis Bacon: Of Innovations, 1625

we are in midst of a pandemic, the world will never be the same once this is over - we better start preparing. NetCells will maintain this page for updates and information we consider important.

World Health Organization - world map - interactive data visualisation.

World Health Organization - COVID-19 - practical info, myth busters etc.

Links in English

Our World in Data - world's terrifying problems in interactive graphics.

Worldometers - worldwide statistics by country (with ads).

Financial Times - free global overview and graphs.

Wikipedia - SARS-CoV-2 - updated information and reference links.

Quora - coronavirus related posts - grass-roots source of information.

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Guardian - 20 Sep - moving (and scary) story of one writer's encounter.

Twitter - 06 August - risks of air travel (inconclusive).

Wired - 07 July - Bill Gates: we can end this thing by the end of 2021.

Guardian - 22 May - why vaccines might not resolve the problem.

Guardian - 1 May - overview of what we know about the virus so far.

Wired - "pulmonary" is misleading, this virus attacks many organs.

TED - message from Larry Brilliant - the man who eradicated smallpox.

BBC - killing the virus with UV light (yes - but...).

Guardian - 24 April - virus in particles of air pollution.

TED - Adam Kucharski explains the methodology for pandemics.

Guardian - 15 April - why vaccines might be blocked by drug companies.

Guardian - 11 April - an overview of global political consequences.

Economist - 11 April - 30-50% infections give no symptoms.

Guardian - 8 April - 100 days that changed the world.

NY Times - 5 April - how official US figures understate the death toll.

New Scientist - 25 March - UK deaths "unlikely to exceed 20,000"

New England Journal of Medicine - 17 March - study of virus survival times - 8 hours on metal, 72 on paper, 90 on plastic, 3 or more in air.

Lancet - 13 March - the virus identified as a new version of SARS - that killed 774 people in Asia, 2002-03.

Links in Spanish

RTVE - survivor of Intensive Care describes his ordeal.

Coronavirus in Spain map - by province - updated daly.

Noticias - 5 April - government talks about Passport COVID that certifies immunity - sure to become the most desirable passport in the world!

El Pais - 14 March - includes a graph of mortality in Italy by age group - overall mortality given as 5.8%

Links in French

Coronavirus in France - interactive maps and statistics.

Institut Pasteur - refutes fake news.

Institut Pasteur - day by day reports of scientific work on the virus.

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