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the price of the Free
human relations were always rooted in Reciprocity.
until now.
the new Internet-based economy enables massive, global-scale delivery of goods, information, functionality - advertised and widely accepted as "free".
but, there is nothing free in business, if the product is free it's because you are the product - say the programmers.
the fundamental problem is that without Reciprocity not only economic but also social structures tumble, like a house of cards...
and this is what we are seeing, everywhere within Internet's reach.
the true cost of you saving a few local currency units is collapse of livelihoods, communities, independence, diversity.

and - guess what - this corrosive effect is seeping into personal relations - distorting, generating false expectations, corrupting.

Reciprocity is not (just) about money, it's about time, effort, knowledge, information, sharing.

when i take i try to give back, in some way.
when i give i expect Reciprocity, of some kind.
if you refuse these simple rules don't count on my cooperation or good will.