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Photographed - fast publishing of photos
yes, the best use of images is via a database but that is slow and new just images keep coming - in 100s and 1000s. besides, which images to publish? when people are involved it gets complicated.
i have now added a new tool to my photo app - QEdit (this is a working name), where images can be be quickly published just by copying them into a new folder. other folders can also be created, currently one where you can put images you want deleted but other options will be added.
the lack of database limits the scope to just array() functions - the images are just files with (some) static data attached and folder contents are arrays.
but the tool is great for pre-selection - giving people photographed (PPs) quick access before making final choices for the site / Cell / Blog and it is fast - i can rip through 100 images in less than 5 minutes!
in short, it is the tool we have been waiting for - it will change everything.

btw, this tool is available via NetCells User Zone (NUZ).

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