What is Netcells

Netcells is a group, dedicated to supporting creativity and individual web presence, which began in London in the year 2000 and became a company four years later. it is run by Users for Users, most of us are creative professionals, but it's enough that you support creativity to participate.

our mission is to connect you to the real power of the technology (if you are brave enough). that comes from the near-total flexibility offered by programming, participating in the new global economy as producers, not just consumers. we are re-claiming the founding concept of the World Wide Web - sharing original content by individuals, on their own terms.

the inexorable progression of the Internet now translates into loss of revenue and erosion of rights for creatives. confronting those challenges on your own could well prove futile - join up with people who understand what you are doing, who understand what they are doing and who understand what what we are all doing is doing (or at least trying to).

we provide all that your web activity needs - from domain names, design, secure hosting, programming to overall strategy. we give you 3 tools to focus and consolidate your web presence:
1. the Cell - your individual profile on the Netcells site and also a place to experiment with your existing / future web site(s)   info  view example
2. the Blog - very efficient with search engines  info  view example
3. Netcells User Zone (NUZ) - exclusive to our Users, a system to manage information - to be published or stored  info

we want you to be you, to fully own and control your site and its data. we write algorithms to make it a unique web application (not a clone or a template), built to meet your specific needs and those of the people you want to reach. your invaluable new functions are simply added to your existing User Zone tools. equally crucial is our continuous support so you keep your edge.

there are obvious advantages in acting as a coherent group with a common purpose of supporting each other's individual endeavours. You too can benefit from decades of our cumulative experience while opting for the positive shift in the Internet dynamics.

want to join us? come this way. to understand us better here is further reading, plus, don't forget the Frequently Asked Questions...