What is Netcells

Every day the Internet - that amazing technology, which (in principle) connects us all, grows more complex, more invasive, more insidious. it is now dominated by a few giant players and you - consciously or not - do  play a part in that. and yet, it's power is still (just) within your reach. that power is not  in using templates or social networks (even though those can  be useful), that power is in custom programming.

Netcells is a User network, which began in London in the year 2000 and became a company four years later. it is run by Users for Users, most of us are creative professionals, but that is not a requirement. what we do is difficult, but 15 years have shown that our path is correct, productive and progressive one.

our network is not, it never will be, for everyone. it is for people who want to use, not be used by the technology, who want to own rather than be owned, who want to create something new, who want more than baby-talk and eye-candy, who want to participate in the new global economy as producers  and not mere consumers.

we want you to be you, to fully own and control your data. we promote what you do via your web site - that site should be a web application (not a clone or a template) suited to the particular needs of yourself and the people you want to reach.

much of we offer is free, but we don't aim at free-loaders. we take a view that people not willing to spend money on their activity are not serious about their activity. the money you pay is for hosting on our fast, secure, private server, and for developing functionality unique to your site. support us and you will support yourself.

we work by communicating, formulating ideas, connecting like-minded, skilled people across the planet. what we give you is priceless = the ability to build your web presence without limitations, to automatise your tasks, to grow in your own individual way, with full support - now and in the years to come. invest some of your time, open your mind to learning something and you will get the results which are real (as well as  virtual).

we give you 3 tools to start and to cultivate your own, unique Internet presence:
1. your Cell   info  view example
2. your Blog  info  view example
3. Netcells User Zone (NUZ)  info - constantly evolving, exclusive to our Users, tools to store and manage information - to be published or not.
use the first 2 of those tools to gather, publish and experiment with your data - those pages drive traffic to your site(s). the 3rd tool is to shape your own functionality - many functions are there and we can create new ones - especially for your use - free, if they benefit other Users.

Netcells is now expanding, our primary focus is creating employment - that also is by Users for Users. you want to join us? - great! - but first, lets agree on a few things...