hello CellMate!

NetCells CellMate program - further information.

NetCells is a company, established in London, UK, (2004), a public web site and a User network, with custom-built software for managing Users' data. our mission has always been supporting creative professionals like ourselves and everyone else who values true (as opposed to fake) Creativity. we lived a quiet life, for a decade and half, focusing on developing functions for our own use and that has worked very well. we run our own, dedicated servers in UK and the US.
now, we are scaling up this way of doing, but without selling out - employing the formidable power of today's technology to support individual effort, on that individual's terms, without compromise - we want a new model of doing web and business - from ground up, not from top down, inventing, not copying.

the CellMate Program (NCM) is a flexible formula of partnership between NetCells (NC) and a person or persons known as CellMate(s) (CM)

# CM provides time, knowledge and focus
# NC give IT resources (server, domain, web site, programming etc)

this partnership is expressed via web sites, known as Cells - typically of xxxCell.net pattern (timecell.net, photocell.net etc) but they can be named differently. those Cells, while independent, also connect, enrich and relate to one another - forming a horizontal network that encourages participation.

anyone can apply to be a CellMate, on informal basis, with no costs or interviews. all you need is an idea, a focus, a commitment. if compatible, we will give you a web site, a place to build and manage your data (that's NUZ = NetCells User Zone) and a wholehearted support for your efforts. what happens next is mainly up to you - we will know how it works in a year or two. you can get out at any time - if you so choose, taking your data with you.

if you want to be a CellMate:
you are embarking on an exciting adventure that can take you anywhere!
but - first - are you really, really interested in your Cell's topic? are you prepared to spend your own time looking after your Cell? (together with other CellMates, if any). if yes, then that's all you need. just remember:
- Cell is for a larger purpose, not to promote yourself, yourself and yourself only
- Cell's initial look is based on our own styling - until changed
- Cell's initial functionality is shared with other Cells - we will write new programming code whenever we can
- Cell's data is owned by you, NetCells and other CellMates (if any)
- profit (if any) is divided equally between the Cells and its CellMate(s)
- the development decisions are taken jointly (CM + NC)
- if you leave the domain name normally stays with NetCells
- our support is initially for one year, extended to indefinite, if your Cell is successful
- do not add content contradicting our values and goals

to get started:
1. declare your chosen topic of interest - we will assign you to an existing Cell or create one for you.
2. start adding content to your Cell via NUZ (NetCells User Zone) - that can be text, links, images, found or of your own making. by adding data you create value - that value is yours, however your Cell goes. the data you add can also be shared with other Cells and other sites - for mutual enhancement.

functionality is the crucial part, it is common to all Cells, be it visitors' participation through comments, sharing and rating or sophisticated search. we will invent new and extend existing functionality at our expense, with your input and feedback.

do not work for money, work for an idea, if we succeed in that, financial rewards are sure to follow, via sales or subscriptions or sponsorship.
however, we can set your Cell to be profitable from the start. if your Cell becomes very successful, you are not the sole owner but provisions can be made for your input to be converted into shares in the Company.

brief, as a CellMate you can try and fly your idea with no risk whatsoever. in doing so you create value for yourself and for the others, pursue your chosen interest and support an open network of individuals doing the same. if you are ready to go or have questions send us a message...