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AI: Ethics, Philosophy and Spirituality
This weekend Jac and I drove all the way across Germany, from Paris, and parked up on the banks of the Danube in Austria to cover ARS Electronica Fesitval , the festival for Art, Technology and Society in Linz. Over a thousand artists, scientists, techies, hackers, activists and entrepreneurs are in town to
Strangers. An interview with Jiwei Han
In my heart I love to know strangers, communicate with strangers, or to have some kind of relationship with strangers. I think this project is based on the innermost expectation of connection with strangers. But in Beijing's undergrounds, people are crowded together exaggeratedly, shoulder by shoulder, face t
"In this new paradigm of peace, there are many contributors," Phil Vernon explains. The organisation he heads up has nearly 30 years experience in the peacebuilding sector, but it's still only achieving about 5% of what could be done, he estimates, perhaps modestly. "Most of the work has to be done by people
El Ultimo Grito - Rosario Hurtado explains the philosophy behind her part in the the fig-2 run at the ICA studio in London.
"I think it's madness!" Rosario exclaims when I ask her about the current architectural policy in London. "But that's part of our work, Roberto and I, it's not just about creating things, it's about understanding the world around us, things that don't make sense to us, it's philosophical." The duo, who