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0Cell is a wise web site formula that makes the initial stage of your new site as simple as possible. As a consequence, it is practically instant to launch and very low cost.
Your content is managed via User Zone (NUZ) - update one or many of those mini-sites or share their content from a single page! Furthermore - since you begin at the beginning - all your development options remain open - talk to us when you are ready to move forward.
Pay for your 0Cell now and your site will be up and running within 48 hours, and usually much faster than that! We will register your chosen domain name or discuss your names options once we are in contact.
Due to the domain name registration fees there are no refunds on this product but you can move your domain to another provider at no cost from our side if not entirely satisfied.
More information in Frequently Asked Questions about 0Cell
! 20% UK Sales Tax (VAT) will be added, for buyers in United Kingdom (GB), except tax registered business users. All products and services subject to our standard Terms and Conditions.