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What's in the Name ? everything !
Imagine having no name, imagine wandering the streets, to be addressed as "hey you!", "blue jacket" or even "bigsteve89".

If you are serious about your Internet presence get your own identity = a Domain Name. This could be based on your real name, family name or something related to what you do or like.
NameCell gives permanent Internet home to that name, with your own private mail server, where you set multiple addresses - managed via the industry-standard cPanel, with spam control and traffic analysis, accessible from any Internet connection, protected by our server's security features. You can point your domain name to anywhere you like, your Netcells Blog, for example.

NameCell is mainly for Users who value and rely on their own email, but with this hosting programme we also give you an embryonic site, as seen on: 0Cell.
! 20% UK Sales Tax (VAT) will be added, for buyers in European Union area, except tax registered business users. All products and services subject to our standard Terms and Conditions.