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no, this is not an errorr, Developer1 hosting package does not cost anything, it is designed to bring money to its Owner - who needs to be a creative and fairly competent web designer, compatible with our aims - this person will get a free hosting for their own site and 25% (before tax) of hosting revenue for each client they bring to our servers.

you understand that such a cozy relationship is likely to take some time to unfold. there will be checkpoints at 3 months, 6 months and 1 year. your task - first - is to bring your clients (starting with at least 1) and make sure those clients are happy. subsequently, try and get more clients, we will help you by recommending you to anyone interested.

at no progress in 6 months or 1 year we might have to give up - you convert into a CellMate and keep all the percentages earned as one-offs. on the other hand, if we are moving along well you pass to the Dev2 stage.

if you are confident this is for you click GET and we will get this rolling :-)
! 20% UK Sales Tax (VAT) will be added, for buyers in United Kingdom (GB), except tax registered business users. All products and services subject to our standard Terms and Conditions.