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today, one year has passed since i made my last Free Exchange illustration for The Economist in London and my thirty odd years of regular work for that great newspaper thus came to an end. one year that i decided to take off - to process, reflect, re-organise and re-focus, while working on our BIG Marbella p
Man falls from ladder and dies
taken by ambulance with "non life threatening injuries", then put in a coma from which he never recovered. the man was my close friend and good neighbour Roger Kitsis. "amigos es la familia que se elige" say the Spanish. Roger certainly was that elected family - a kind and generous soul, he touched so ma
Tomkowski strikes again!
i dutifully keep a page on my site dedicated to my old friend Tomkowski and he was inspired by this to write something in English! i only helped choosing the right word here and there - a good opportunity to improve my Polish, as well :-) so, here it is -- the world premiere of Whack It! - a great little s
Tomkowski's new novel
my old friend Tomkowski sent me a dedicated copy of his latest novel - Jesień (Autumn). this has accompanied me on a long drive from London to Marbella. it was strange to read a book again, especially one written by a friend, after many years of not reading books (and the entire youth spent devouring books).
Site and NC updates
i am updating the site and the NetCells code -- most of the work has been done now but there are still minor problems -- i will come back to those next week. most importantly the Blog Images section is working -- although that is only the first stage. the images there are old but now that the functionality
Photographed - fast publishing of photos
yes, the best use of images is via a database but that is slow and new just images keep coming - in 100s and 1000s. besides, which images to publish? when people are involved it gets complicated. i have now added a new tool to my photo app - QEdit (this is a working name), where images can be be quickly pub
once again updating and
every web site needs regular updating, i would even say, that's the definition of a web site, or you are missing the point. now attending to mines again - over 60 new (and old) images added, totally re-written search function - more importantly, i now have a clear concept of how to organize different types of
the price of the Free
human relations were always rooted in Reciprocity. until now. the new Internet-based economy enables massive, global-scale delivery of goods, information, functionality - advertised and widely accepted as "free". but, there is nothing free in business, if the product is free it's because you are the prod
extending my photo app Photographed
taking photos is great fun but dealing with them later is very time consuming and that time is hard to find. some years ago i built a simple web application to manage my photos of people, i improve it whenever i find time, although the development work is continuing what's most important is already there - yo
Friendship v.21.14
what would life be without friends ? the answer: impossible. we do need friends, ok, but of what kind ? how many can we handle ? the supposed biological limit, known as the Dunbar's number is about 150-250, derived from studies of primates and dependent on memory and neocortex processing power. but, in the 21
Eskuz ala Makinaz ? - my interview for the Aldiri architecture magazine
this morning i received a printed copy of Aldiri architectural magazine with my interview, done in June. it is all in Euskara (Basque) language, `eskuz ala makinaz´ means `manually or mechanically (automatically)´. the cover - suitably stark - features the black and white version of my `robot-vendor´ imag
my automatic, almost effortless and sure method to learn foreign language fast with half-a-brain
while learning Spanish i was occasionally meeting people for language practice exchange and often had to tell them this: hombre, one or two years is plenty to get fluent in a language, if you are not speaking it after 5 years you are either faking it or going wrong somewhere. learning a language is not much f
Ameliorate - top cat of Greater London zone...
Working with formidable ›Jessica, amazing body and a great ability. More pictures coming in due course...
Mar la Fallera
During las Fallas i worked with a bubbly little star Mar - great talent, natural joy and spontaneity - we hope she stays like this! Paqui lived up to her role of a Fallera Mayor.
A day in Xativa, Comunidad Valenciana
When Javier turned to growing his oranges organically his chemical-spraying neighbours considered him a "loco". But today his products are well-known, they sell well and are very tasty. All they need is love - he says.
Polish scribes don't like forests
Spoke to my old friend Janek in Poland for 1 hour today, he tells me, in his literary/academic circles work published on the Internet does not count for mucho -- it's got to come, by truck, as paper covered with the printer's ink ! Janek himself has a BIG carbon footprint - personally responsible for obliter
The Economist's Christmas Party was very noisy
I was looking forward to be talking with people but loud music throughout has made it a struggle. Anyhow, i managed to have a rant with Satoshi on the dying art of print media illustration (or art of illustration for dying print media). Suzy won a raffle prize. Might post a picture or two at a later time...
2011 = 500 EcFocs !
On 17th of August 2011 i made my ›500th illustration for The Economist's Economics Focus column, or EcFoc, as it is known in the editorial circles - on the suitably big topic of the "eurobonds". To celebrate this event a specially made cake was the least i could do - it was nice to share a glass with the h
Alaska in Lliria
In a small village of Lliria i photographed a young English writer, whom i can only call Alaska, as she wishes to remain anonymous for now (Alaska is not her real name, you understand, but it goes well with Lliria, doesn't it ?). Rather good results for several hours of effort in the midday heat - very nic
While in Valencia i worked with Serbian princesa Jelena. We were studying Spanish there. She is now gone home to Belgrade for a while - must keep a job in these hard times... I love the image above, you can see it processed, plus a few more, on - links below, she published some images we ma
Farewell Wolfgang Heller...
My old friend Wolfgang died on Sunday, 19th June 2011. We met in Sweden, in Cold War era, Europa was quite a different place then - split in two, full of spite and paranoia, it seemed inconceivable that would ever change. We came from opposing sides of the Iron Curtain but from the same generation, with qu
It is always a pleasure to work with my friend William - a forgetful genius and a witch doctor. Alas, we never made any money, so far... the world will be sorry for that.
Life is Information - please take notice!
In May 2010 Craig Venter succeeded in "booting up" man-made DNA, thus creating the first entirely artificial organism - a bacterium with its own web address, 46 credits for the team members and 3 quotations embedded in its genetic code. One YEAR later, i am puzzled and confused that practically NOBODY i ta
Fairy Kei Style Sisters from Toulouse
Bloody and Lili found me on facebook and flown over from France to make images in my London studio. This has gone very well, we also made pictures for Krystina of Ectomorph, she has some on her ›blog. More on my web site - link below.
El camino 2010
in September, after a hot spell in Italy, i covered some large distances in Spain, with Deborah, a writer - she wrote a few words about this in her blog. it was a very memorable time in that great country, which i have not visited in many years - a discovery that led later to a setting up a permanent base
Underpass - the hit image
The shot of my friend Nick running in a underground passage in Normandie, 2006, became a hit, thanks to Getty Images - Nick found himself on London Underground posters and when he went home to Scotland he saw himself again - on a book cover - his mum was suitably impressed. The image has been selling aga
10 illustrations for The Economist's Special Report on IT by Kenneth Cukier
The Report is entitled "Data, data everywhere" and looks at the fundamental shift in business practices and our very concepts of information, knowledge, wisdom and reality, resulting from the deludge of data of all kinds and sources.
That Michael Piotr is a tough kookie...
This ›man and comedian is currently the record holder for my longest photo session - we worked pretty much continuously for 11 hours, not counting the time he spent getting his pizza... He will go far.
letetr form Noriko
Cna yuo raed tihs? Olny 55 plepoe out of 100 can. i cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg. The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid, aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it dseno't mtaetr in waht oerdr the ltteres in a wrod are, the olny iproamtnt tihng is taht the f
Invisibility materials by Michio Kaku - photo-illustration for Natural History mag, NY.
I worked with Justin to produce the impossible illustration on light-bending materials, which will make large objects invisible, just like in Harry Potter, within the next few years.
The world is round.
Having crashed my car i decided to punish myself by not having a car for a year, and then reward myself for doing so by spending the money saved on round the world trip. The trip was great and i gained a day of my life by crossing the date line eastwards. I have seen that the world is round and people quite
Business in Japan - 8 illustrations for The Economist's survey by Tom Standage
The survey by Tom Standage, entitled "Going hybrid", looks at the changes in Japanese business practices - labour market, entrepreneurs, innovation, globalisation and adopting elements of the Anglo-Saxon model of capitalism. I have used formidable Ryosuki as model, it was a most enjoyable photo session. Th
Miko runs home
Big sale on Getty Images, for a German radio station - shot of young ›Miko, running with his iPod on the Millennium Bridge in London.
Illustrations on evolution for Natural History magazine in New York, USA.
I worked with Steven Black on 6 images for the Darwin special issue of The Natural History magazine in New York. Very interesting series of articles by Richard Dawkins and others give an update on the current model of evolutionary processes, almost 150 years after the "Origin of Species" (1859).